Complimentary Services

One company that provides tons of complimentary services is Gigabyte Coders. We offers an easy-to-follow and straightforward website builder. Gigabyte Coders also offers free social media accounts, productivity tools, logo designing, email hosting and web protection services.

Gigabyte Coders is the sole provider of free social media accounts

Every new registrant to create a name plate account automatically receives a position on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more

Company logo types in user’s own design or choose from professional templates

Newly registered domain account also includes email hosting and web protection

Social Media Accounts Creation

With your website we always create popular social media accounts properly with same usernames for free, so you can promote your business on them.

Free branded emails

Get 5 free branded email for free with every website, with security features like DKIM, two factor authentication, integrated documents supported apps with 5GB each.

Free Logo

Get a free royalty free logo designed by us for your business in both rectangular and square sizes. We will match your website design with your business logo.

Free Admin Panel

Get a free admin panel to manage your website logo, media, content, contact form with many features such Google Analytics and so many more.

Free Weekly Backup

Did something wrong? Don’t worry we have free automatic backup & rollback options that too on weekly basis.

Free Hackproof Protections

Don’t worry security about your website, your websites & portal comes with built-in security features such as antivirus, antimalware, DDOS protection, captchas and so many more.